The Power of Crypto Keywords: Unlocking SEO Potential for Blockchain Businesses

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the power of crypto keywords

Crypto SEO is the ultimate tool for driving relevant traffic to your crypto business website. Running an effective blockchain SEO strategy and implementing it consistently allows you to increase relevant website traffic. In the world of crypto, good SEO practices are a must, as competition for clicks and views is intense. Hitting the right keywords will take your project to the next level, so let’s get into the nitty gritty of crypto SEO.

What is Crypto SEO?

Crypto SEO, short for Cryptocurrency Search Engine Optimisation, is the process undertaken to increase relevant organic traffic to a blockchain or Web3 website. Crypto SEO borrows from Web2 SEO and adds its own niche topics and techniques to adapt to the needs of blockchain projects.

Search engines are an extremely competitive space when it comes to ranking for high-traffic crypto keywords. The projects or web3 companies that focus on growing organic search visibility have the best chances of attracting clicks from this relevant form of traffic.

The Importance of Blockchain Search Engine Optimisation

A business that primarily runs online, such as with blockchain companies, cannot compete without growing its organic traffic. The landscape for crypto is arguably even more complex due to regulatory issues surrounding advertising than for standard technology companies. The most reliable way of generating consistent and organic conversions for your company is to develop a long-term SEO strategy based on the most suitable blockchain-themed keywords.

Crafting Effective Keyword Strategies for Search Engines

In the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain, mastering keyword strategies for search engines is vital. If you don’t develop and implement a solid SEO plan, you’re unlikely to drive enough organic traffic to your website.

These five tools help you find search volume, traffic potential and keyword difficulty. When deciding which keywords to target, you have to consider your website's authority; for example, even if a keyword has an extremely high search volume, it's going to be almost impossible to rank for if it has a high keyword difficulty.

An effective crypto SEO strategy will identify keywords with good traffic potential that your site could rank for with the correct content. Here are five tools used to craft an effective keyword strategy for crypto sites:

  1. SEMrush: This is a comprehensive SEO tool that offers reports on several important aspects of crypto SEO, including keywords, competitor analysis and backlinking.
  1. Moz Pro: This is an SEO software that can help you find the perfect keywords for your site. It also offers features that can help you measure your site's optimisation level with a score out of 100.
  1. Ahrefs: If you’re looking to improve your backlinking, then this is a great SEO tool to consider using. If used correctly, it can help you find solid backlinking opportunities.
  1. AnswerThePublic: This is a keyword research tool that offers auto-completion and a visualisation model for building SEO strategies.
  1. AlsoAsked: Is a great tool for pinpointing what questions people ask about a specific topic. Understanding the queries of your potential market can lead you to identify the keywords that’ll drive relevant traffic to your crypto website.

Using these tools will help you define an SEO strategy for building relevant organic traffic by finding out what questions people are asking search engines and the most relevant keywords.

Beyond Key Words: Link Building, Mobile Optimization and Adapting

Although crypto keywords form the backbone of a successful crypto SEO strategy to improve relevant traffic, several other important tools should be used to maximise a crypto website’s ability to attract organic traffic.

1.    Link Building

Link building is the process of adding one-way hyperlinks to your website that are carefully selected to improve visibility to search engines. Quality links, normally referred to as backlinks, show the search engine’s algorithm that your site is a high-quality resource that stands to help users answer their queries.

The quality of a link will, therefore, determine its value within a crypto SEO strategy. The most valuable links are produced by sites with plenty of authority and relevance. For example, as a crypto website, building links with respected relevant websites such as CoinDesk or Bloomberg is extremely valuable.

2.    Monitor and Adapt

Search engine algorithms and people’s search habits are constantly evolving. A crypto SEO strategy that worked wonders last year might be much less effective today. It's crucial to update and adapt strategies to match the ever-changing landscape constantly. For example, positive search trends for one keyword can often drive up the difficulty as more sites compete to rank for it, which could be a signal to re-orientate towards easier keywords with good search volume.

3.    Mobile Optimisation

A crypto web development team that doesn’t focus on mobile optimisation will struggle to achieve SEO success.  Creating a mobile-friendly site will improve ranking and user experience. Research from Oberlo shows that well over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile users, meaning it's no longer a market that you can afford to neglect. We’ve all experienced visiting a website that simply isn’t fit for a mobile screen, and it's safe to say most of us don’t wait more than a couple of seconds to close the tab.

Common Cryptocurrency SEO Mistakes

If you’re in the process of launching a crypto startup, there are plenty of SEO mistakes you should be aware of and avoid at all costs. Whether you’re doing NFT marketing or trying to get more media attention for your DeFi protocol, consider these SEO pitfalls before you start publishing content.

  1. Keyword Stuffing: Arguably, one of the most common mistakes made by newcomers to crypto SEO is keyword stuffing. Quality is better than quantity, so just slapping the word ‘Bitcoin’ into text repeatedly won’t get your site ranking.
  1. Ignoring Long-Tail Keywords: While it can be tempting to focus only on short-tail keywords because they drive general traffic, incorporating long-tail keywords can help you improve relevant organic traffic.
  1. Irregular Content Updates: The crypto space is evolving rapidly, and if you fail to keep your content fresh, you may push it further down its Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  1. Poor Technical SEO: Although technical SEO can be intimidating, it is extremely important. Failing to build a website with good speed, a mobile-friendly UI, secure HTTPS connections and relevant tags will negatively impact its ranking.
  2. Bad User Experience: If your site has a poor user experience due to slow loading speeds, awkward toggle menus and annoying ads, the bounce rate will increase, and conversions will decrease.

Developing a good SEO strategy for a blockchain startup can be daunting, especially considering the number of mistakes that can undo all your hard work. Luckily, plenty of tools are designed to help you with crypto SEO.

The Most Popular Cryptocurrency SEO Marketing Agencies

If you want to guarantee your crypto company has a shot at becoming the number one hit on Google in its niche, then consider approaching one of these industry-leading Web 3 marketing agencies.

1.    Coinpresso

Coinpresso is one of the leading Web 3 marketing companies. Although they provide all sorts of services ranging from crypto web development to crypto press release distribution, their SEO skills make them stand out from the competition, as do their consistent ROI achievements.

Coinpresso has worked with some of the biggest names in crypto, and they offer a free mini SEO consultation. The Coinpresso team has successfully implemented dozens of SEO strategies. You can learn about their past clients on their website, where several testimonials praise the team's SEO abilities.

2.    Crypto Shib

Crypto Shib is a digital marketing agency focused on crypto and other Web 3 ventures. According to their website, they’ve worked with hundreds of clients and have good connections with crypto media outlets.

3.    Coinbound

Coinbound is a crypto marketing agency that has worked with some very successful blockchain projects. It’s worth considering them for your project, as they’ve proven their ability to create solid SEO strategies and implement them effectively.

Do You Want The Ultimate Crypto SEO Strategy?

Crypto SEO is all about building relative traffic using well-designed keyword plans along with other tools such as backlinking and website optimisation. SEO is different to paid advertising in the sense that it doesn’t promise instant results; instead, it's an organic way to build your crypto website search engine visibility and potentially increase relevant traffic as its utility to users' queries is noticed by the search engine. Crypto SEO is a long-term method for driving traffic by making a website genuinely useful to users and has the potential to tap into your target audience by catering to their specific search habits.


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