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Run Ads Across Over 250,000 Websites In Web2

Advertise on the world's leading Web2/media publications & platforms including:

Run Programmatic Ads On The World's Leading Crypto Platforms

Our Programmatic DSP also allows ads to be run on some of the leading crypto/web3 websites and news publications/aggregators:


Advertise On Leading Crypto Platforms At 1/3 Of The Cost vs. Coinzilla

Not only are the ads highly targeted, we can run them at an incredibly cost effective rate vs other crypto pay-per-click (PPC) platforms.

$5 - $10
Coinzilla Average CPC
$1.7 - $3
Coinpresso Average CPC
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Crypto Companies Face An Advertising Problem

Typically, a crypto company or project must register with local regulators, and subsequently with enterprises such as Google in order to run ads on their platforms. Due to the opaque regulatory climate within crypto, a vast majority of cryptocurrency projects are unable to attain these permits - despite being perfectly credible and legitimate projects. This has created an imbalanced playing field, where only a handful of cryptocurrency companies can run paid crypto ads such as search and display. Projects that are unable to attain permits that aren’t actually designed for them then resort to sketchy advertising methods such as influencers and pump and dump marketing. Pay-per-click (PPC) platforms that do allow crypto ads can charge exorbitant cost-per-click (CPC)s, ranging from between $5 - $15 for a click on a display ad.

With Crypto Programmatic Advertising - Run Ads Without Permits

Utilizing the Open Internet allows you to run programmatic campaigns focused on conversions, while also remaining compliant. Running crypto programmatic display ads for example, do not require permits from an online advertiser.
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Refined crypto audience segmentation and targeting

Access user browser behavior, and serve them your ads based on previously-expressed intent within cryptocurrency and blockchain.
First party targeting
Create a new segment quickly and easily - and use for direct targeting, lookalike creation, and audience expansion.
third party targeting
Select the best 3rd party segments according to market-leading data partners.
intents & intersts
Target users based on their interests, such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum, ICO news - with a strict alignment to relevance on content the user has previously viewed in these verticals.
contextual targeting
Flesh out a contextual targeting campaign that delivers your ads to the most relevant crypto and blockchain users, allowing you to target the most relevant users - while optimizing ad spend.
proprietaty targeting
Find users that demonstrate a strong intent to engage, or equal a conversion. Specify cryptocurrency topics and keywords to target the most relevant audiences. We identify ideal cryptocurrency end users based on their content consumption, browsing interest, and geographic breakdown.
We identify people based on
relevant content consumption
Samples of Topics read by the audiences in the segment
Their browsing interest in topics
Geographic breakdown / potential reach
custom crypto audience segmentation
Leverage natural language processing to identify the context of crypto content being consumed by users. When a consumer makes their in-market intent clear for crypto or blockchain content, they are then added to the audience segment.

Audiences Segmentation Report


Select custom audience you have created to view more information about, which appears in the drop-down menu.

Country: USA
Industry: Finance
Topics: CryptoCurrency
Broad cryptocurrency community.
The Custom Segment Audience utilizes natural language processing to identify the phrases indicating a user's intention from the pages they have viewed.
Buy cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency trading
Crypto exchange
Buy Bitcoin
Bitcoin purchase
How to invest in cryptocurrency
Crypto wallet
Cryptocurrency broker
Digital assets
Crypto market
Buy Bitcoin
Altcoins purchase
Digital currency
Crypto buying guide
Purchase cryptocurrencies safely
Crypto investment strategies
Cryptocurrency exchange
Crypto charts
Buy Ethereum
Potential Reach
Most read by the viewers in this particular section:
Use retargeting audience pixels to build audiences of users who have already been exposed to your ad. Scale reach when impressions are gained, guiding users further down the acquisition funnel. Users that visit and engage with your website are subsequently targeted and captured.
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Track conversion paths and measure ROI

Get granular with your campaigns, and measure how many impressions are required for a user to convert. With crypto programmatic display ads, in addition to native, video and banner campaigns - you can even track where the conversion came from across 250,000+ connected websites.Every good marketing campaign should easily track ROI, without fluff or jargon. Our ROI dashboard allows you to measure programmatic ads for crypto campaigns, on a conversion-by-conversion basis.

FAQ: also asked about crypto programmatic Ads

What is crypto programmatic advertising?

Crypto programmatic advertising is an advertising campaign that allows cryptocurrency companies to access and advertise on the open internet, without permit requirements from advertisers. The ads are focused on targeting cryptocurrency users, and converting them.

Do you need to be registered with regulators and advertisers to run programmatic ads for crypto projects?

No! As long as your project is reputable and legitimate, you can run programmatic ads for crypto campaigns or projects.

How much do programmatic ads campaigns cost?

We advise a minimum raw media spend of $5,000 USD. Then, our margin must be added which is dependent on your media spend. We provide a reduced margin with a higher media spend amount. A $5k spend would be considered entry level, and would be limited in terms of geos and placements.

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What People Say About Us

We needed a partner that could extend our content production and SEO capabilities, while providing high quality content in a fast and accurate manner. Coinpresso constantly go the extra mile to deliver, and as a result we have renewed with them a few times - expanding the scope with each renewal. We see up to 40k unique pageviews weekly from their content, and most pages instantly go in on Page 1 and are considered high quality by Binance in-house content team.
SEO Specialist - Binance
The Coinpresso team have been absolutely fundamental to the success of Jurat. The token immediately did a 6x on launch, and has now stabilized at around 3x with very little sell pressure. The Coinpresso way focuses on organic and white-hat marketing methods, something that is extremely refreshing amongst the shady vertical of crypto marketing. Would highly recommend and have just recontracted ourselves as a result.
Mike Kanovitz - Jurat Blockchains / Loevy & Loevy
Liam is a skilled SEO technician and he has proven time and time again he can get a website on Page 1 of Google. An expert within an industry of cowboys.”
Bernard L - Tech Recruitments Business
Coinpresso are a fantastic team that do the business every single time. Their content is the best in the space, and their knowledge of search is unrivaled within Crypto. Would definitely recommend to other projects.”
Garret H - Programmatic AI
The Coinpresso team has been instrumental in helping us take our proposition to audiences we were unable to reach ourselves, with a crypto marketing strategy that left no stone unturned..."
Benjamin D - Ruby Play Network
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