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We rank our clients on Page 1 of Google for high competition search terms, using strictly white-hat implementations to increase trust to your website over time, as opposed to spammy grey-hat methods used by freelancers and some Crypto SEO competitors.
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SEO For Cryptocurrency Is A Skill
Crypto SEO is a niche in its own right. Building rankings and traffic in this vertical is only done by the best. SEO for Cryptocurrency can’t be executed by standard SEO agencies, as it requires a knowledge of crypto that only true enthusiasts hold - in order to capture your ideal end user.
Why Is Crypto SEO One Of The Best Ways To Drive Traffic?
Search engine optimization has always been championed within the digital marketing industry as having one of the best forms of ROI over time. You just can’t beat those free clicks! Crypto SEO can also heed exceptional ROI, as the lifetime customer value of cryptocurrency users can be worth thousands of dollars if they convert.

What Makes A Good Cryptocurrency SEO Strategy?

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Cryptocurrency SEO, Crypto SEO, or blockchain SEO, utilises a lot of concepts within the traditional SEO space, amalgamated with cryptocurrency content optimisation - to attract crypto users and buyers. The competition to rank for crypto keywords is intense, and only through rigorous testing, implementation of audit findings, and white-hat link building will you see results over time. The crypto vertical is its own niche, and only the most topically relevant links and content will heed rankings and traffic increases through Google Search.
On-Page Audits
All good cryptocurrency SEO strategies start with an On-Page audit, ensuring that your URL structure and...
Content Is King
Good Cryptocurrency SEO is built upon the content of which is on the website, and being distributed off-page. This requires...
Effective Keywords
The cut-through of a blockchain SEO strategy is found within keyword research. Marrying up volume, with buying...
Link-Building With A Difference
Off-Page, or off-site SEO is where the vast majority of rankings and traffic increases are...
Technical SEO Servieces For The Crypto Industry
There are over 200 ranking factors on Google Search alone. Technical Cryptocurrency SEO...
Landing Page Optimisation
Whilst all featured snippets are ultimately chosen by Google, having a piece of content that satisfies a...
Featured Snippet Optimisation
Having a piece of content that satisfies a query very effectively, supplemented with...
International SEO For Cryptocurrency
Marketing dollars are wasted if where you’re looking to convert your users, doesn’t...
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Smart Links

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What are Smart Links? Well actually, despite being a newfound concept, they are due to provide groundbreaking innovation to link building practices in SEO, with blockchain code actually incorporated into HTML. This blend of different codes using either Solidity, Rust and HTML to embed links via a "smart contract" is actually one of the most relevant links that can be built within seo for cryptocurrency.

Core Web Vitals & UX Analysis

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Having a site that does what it should do sounds easy, but it’s staggering how many websites in blockchain fail core web vitals assessments. Users are subconsciously affected by slow loading pages. We analyse metrics like First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Last Contentful Paint (LCP) to understand where UX can be improved, whilst making page speed optimisation recommendations to your developer. Page speed and core web vitals are now seen as ranking factors by Google, and should be taken seriously from both traffic, UX, and conversion perspectives.
Goal Tracking And Analytics Setup
Driving traffic to your blockchain site is ultimately useless if the site does not convert it properly, or you are unable to track what traffic is converting. Not only do we help drive organic traffic, but we also set up tracking of the campaigns and benchmark the services from when they commence, made easily-digestible on Google Data Studio in the form of a monthly report.
Conversation Rate Optimisation
Setting up your website to convert is best found through gaining an initial understanding as to the friction points and usability issues that are preventing users from converting towards your goals. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and SEO go hand-in-hand, and when these principles are adapted to cryptocurrency websites this can contribute to millions of dollars in extra revenue, just from an increase of CTR between 1-2%. Exchanges and trading platforms can benefit significantly from optimising their platforms for conversions.
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What About Google Ads?

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Crypto marketing is allowed through Google Ads, with strict compliance-based obstacles in place. Running crypto ads on Google starts with gaining the relevant certificate within your region, and then ensuring Google has checked all of your landing page content. Whilst potentially lucrative if attained, a vast majority of cryptocurrency projects are unable to run Google Search ads, making cryptocurrency SEO in many cases the only way for cryptocurrency projects to target search engines. The certifications themselves can require vast time and resources to acquire, making SEO services more appealing to those who do not wish to attain said permits. The blockchain industry is inundated with red tape in the PPC circuit, but not so much so within SEO.
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Dominate SERPs And Drive Click Through Rate
The first place most crypto users will go in order to “DYOR”, will be Google Search. Cryptocurrency as a niche requires a vast amount of research (usually) in order for a user to make an educated buying decision, whether that’s to use a certain exchange or buy a coin specifically. SEO for cryptocurrency, combined with Google Search ads, can be the perfect storm from a digital marketing perspective for a crypto exchange, trading product, educational platform, or any other blockchain sub-vertical - to engage with the masses from the point of their first query.
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Does Coinpresso Have Proven Blockchain SEO Case Studies?

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In short, yes! If you’re looking to buy a house, you want to see what houses the builder has built before. SEO and other forms of marketing should be no different. If an agency is worth its weight, it’ll be proud of its proven Page 1 results.
Try out the following searches to find us and some of our clients on Google Search:
Page 1
Rank 1
Site: Coinpresso
Keyword: 'crypto copywriters'
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Page 1
Rank 3
Up 97 Positions in 4 months
Site: Coinpresso
Keyword: 'crypto copywriters'
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Page 1
Rank 3
Position 1 inside 3 months
Site:  100xCoin (now Altbase)
Keyword: 'buy altcoins'
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In terms of traffic increases, our client the Ruby Play Network saw a 50x increase in their organic search traffic within 4 months, and continue to see exceptional results for the most competitive keywords within play to earn and crypto gaming.
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Get More Than Just A Search Engine Optimization Consultant

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Whilst being industry-leading within blockchain for our prowess as SEO consultants, we are way more than “just” SEOs. We create a strategy that focuses on whatever you’re looking to achieve, whether that’s effective fund raising - or increasing your user base, holders, and volume. Our stack, solutions and strategy - are built with core focuses on ROI and conversion value. We help crypto propositions at all stages, even if you’re just at the beginning of the journey. Looking to build a crypto website or run a website migration, we can help! We are experts in all things blockchain technology & digital.
People Also Ask: Crypto SEO FAQs

When should we expect to see results from our crypto SEO strategy?

Giving guarantees where SEO is concerned should generally be avoided, as it is impossible to guarantee organic search results. Due to frequent algorithm updates from Google, it is difficult to know what they have planned in terms of changes. SEO is a process of continuous testing and optimization, and there isn’t a way of guaranteeing results or rankings. Any agency that does so, should be avoided.
Generally speaking, you should start to see rankings from Month 6 onwards.

How does crypto SEO work?

Seo for cryptocurrency businesses has a lot of similarities compared to traditional SEO, including:

  • On-Page Implementations.
  • Off-Page Link Building.
  • Content Optimization.

The three “pillars” of SEO are essential for any website. However, there are some intricacies specific to blockchain SEO.

  • Smart Links.
  • Crypto relevance of domains used for link building.
  • Technical Blockchain copywriting.

There is no “secret sauce” to how blockchain SEO works, just a series of best practices across 250+ ranking factors.

How much does crypto SEO cost?

Any SEO service that is conducted as per a standard issue rate card, should be avoided. Every website is different. Every Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is different, and thus, a tailored approach to costing should be undertaken determined on hours required to achieve your project-specific goals.
As a broad range, Crypto SEO starts from $7,990 USD, but can go upwards of $20,000 USD per calendar month for daily outreach for enterprise international SEO accounts.

How do coinpresso conduct a crypto SEO strategy?

There are a few stages to our SEO service, however the biggest requirement is time.
  1. Auditing. This typically takes around 7 days. Depending on your website build, we can help implement the audit too!
  2. Link Building. A continuous process whereby we collate votes of confidence for your website in the form of backlinks. 6 months+ is required.
  3. Link outreach. Natural link building can only be conducted in conjunction with daily outreach, supplemented by quality content that users will actually read. 6 months+ is required to see fruitful results.
  4. Quarterly crawls. We will crawl your website regularly to be as granular as possible with On-Page implementations.

Are you looking for crypto marketing & SEO services that generate game-changing results?

Get in contact today and find out how the Number 1 Crypto Advertising Agency for performance can supercharge your traffic.

Are You Looking For Crypto Marketing & Seo Services That Generate Game-Changing Results?

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Get in contact today and find out how the Number 1 Crypto Advertising Agency for performance can supercharge your traffic.

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Here are some of our partners & clients:
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What People Say About Us

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We needed a partner that could extend our content production and SEO capabilities, while providing high quality content in a fast and accurate manner. Coinpresso constantly go the extra mile to deliver, and as a result we have renewed with them a few times - expanding the scope with each renewal. We see up to 40k unique pageviews weekly from their content, and most pages instantly go in on Page 1 and are considered high quality by Binance in-house content team.
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SEO Specialist - Binance
The Coinpresso team have been absolutely fundamental to the success of Jurat. The token immediately did a 6x on launch, and has now stabilized at around 3x with very little sell pressure. The Coinpresso way focuses on organic and white-hat marketing methods, something that is extremely refreshing amongst the shady vertical of crypto marketing. Would highly recommend and have just recontracted ourselves as a result.
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Mike Kanovitz - Jurat Blockchains / Loevy & Loevy

Liam & his team have brought great vibes and high quality marketing to Etherland. At the end it's win-win game for both parties, you as team members and us as community, all respect and love here. Thanks Coinpresso <3."

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Henos - Etherland Community OG
Liam is a skilled SEO technician and he has proven time and time again he can get a website on Page 1 of Google. An expert within an industry of cowboys.”
team member
Bernard L - Tech Recruitments Business
Coinpresso are a fantastic team that do the business every single time. Their content is the best in the space, and their knowledge of search is unrivaled within Crypto. Would definitely recommend to other projects.”
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Garret H - Programmatic AI
The Coinpresso team has been instrumental in helping us take our proposition to audiences we were unable to reach ourselves, with a crypto marketing strategy that left no stone unturned..."
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Benjamin D - Ruby Play Network
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