The digital space is buzzing with a variety of crypto marketing strategies and techniques. YouTube is one of the most utilized social platforms for crypto news and info dissemination. When it comes to crypto YouTube influencers, there are thousands of channels that one could preview, follow and watch. But hardly anyone has the time to sort through all of the options in order to find which is best, and much less why.

For this and other reasons, Coinpresso decided to put together a comprehensive list of the top 5 YouTube channels according to content relevance, message delivery, and measured impact.

Coinpresso’s Top 5 YouTube Crypto Influencers of 2023

The following list has been compiled with attention given to specificities of content relevance and the potential of the influencer and channel to positively impact viewers and subscribers based on the video content typically shared. We hope you enjoy reading and researching the list as much as we did produce it.

  • Jacob Crypto Bury - One of the best YouTube channels for all crypto market and trade info.
  • Altcoin Daily - Vital daily crypto market updates and more.
  • Benjamin Cowen - One of the top channels for technical crypto trading.
  • Crypto Banter - One of the top YouTube channels for live crypto news streams.
  • CryptosRUs - Fundamental analysis and crypto trading insights.

Jacob Crypto Bury: No Hype, No Clickbait, No Nonsense

The personable Jacob Crypto Bury is considered to be a knowledgeable YouTube crypto influencer

Jacob Crypto Bury has devoted time and effort to developing a YouTube channel and subscriber community around the principles of straight-to-the-point cryptocurrency news. The influencer often posts on the foremost leading digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. But he also gives insights and opinions into altcoins. Jacob himself is a self-proclaimed “10x altcoin hunter”, and he shares his opinion that technical and fundamental analysis have synergistic qualities and should be equally considered.

Something that could be particularly helpful about Bury’s growing YouTube channel is that he shares psychological and habit-related tendencies which can often lead to new and even experienced traders ‘fumbling their bag’. As YouTube has shifted to actively encouraging the platform’s influencers to produce more shorts, Bury has leveraged the content class. Pretty much daily, viewers can find shorts on anything from “what to do in a Bear market”, “how to build a balanced portfolio”, and so many other truly relevant topics that many influencers seem to often miss.

We think that from his down-to-earth approach, no-nonsense or gimmicks approach, and educational quality, Jacob Crypto Bury is the leading YouTube channel at this point of early 2023 to follow and watch for. We don’t believe the channel will still be at its current level of 11k subscribers for long. To the moon!

Altcoin Daily: Altcoin And Crypto News, Market Analysis And Opinion

Altcoin Daily is a long-trusted source for daily crypto and altcoin news and info

If numbers were most important, Altcoin Daily may very well be our number-one rated channel. But second is not too shabby, and Altcoin Daily ranks that high for a reason. Altcoin Daily is dedicated to, well…daily updates to be precise. Information presented on the channel is derived from a variety of different sources and covers a variety of crypto-related topics. The channel even touches on other areas and produces videos that interest professionals engaged in the industry, from crypto social media marketing experts to professional traders.

Altcoin Daily is unique in that beginners and seasoned crypto traders and investors alike can follow and get immense value from the content. The content ranges from daily market updates on large and small cap digital assets. In that regard, don’t let the name fool you. Altcoin Daily is news across the entire crypto market and industry. The latest can be learned about Bitcoin, ADA, Ethereum, BNB, and more, while simultaneously shedding light on newer small-cap projects with big potential.

Additionally, Altcoin Daily dives into the broader crypto-related subject matter like NFTs, metaverse and gaming ecosystems, crypto yield farming, DeFi earning opportunities and more. We believe that almost anyone interested in learning about crypto and staying abreast with the most up to date crypto news and market info can be enriched by following Altcoin Daily in 2023.

Benjamin Cowen: Into The Cryptoverse For Technical Crypto Trading Strategies

Into The Cryptoverse with TA hosted by Ben Cowen

Benjamin Cowen is the host of YouTube’s Into The Cryptoverse. The straightforward influencer has amassed over 784k YouTube followers since joining the social platform in 2019. While Cowen’s channel may not necessarily be the best for users who are completely new to trading, if other channels are followed in addition to the Into The Cryptoverse production, an accelerated learning curve could certainly be realized.

Benjamin Cowen centers in and focuses on what is known as quantitative analysis in order to substantiate his demonstrated trading strategies and decisions. What quantitative analysis means when put simply is, the science of basing trading strategies on math and numerical formulas and values. In  quantitative analysis the trading strategist uses price and volume fundamentally, along with other available data points, to guide the trading activities.

We think that there’s a lot to be learned on the technical side of trading along with other valuable information for anyone who tunes into Cowen’s growing YouTube viewership.

Crypto Banter: Crypto Streaming For All Crypto Participants

Crypto Banter delivers daily crypto streams

Crypto Banter is a YouTube channel dedicated to live streaming. Each day the channel’s host and founder, Ran Neuner, engages in a live stream to deliver some of the most pressing and hottest topics to be unveiled in crypto on that day.

While the channel has been celebrated as one which newbies to the crypto community can lean on for important, accurate, up-to-date news and information, it is just as much a resource for daily updates and news for seasoned traders and investors in the digital assets space also.

If you find benefit in hard fact news as well as fact-based, thought-provoking, opinion pieces that dive into speculative topics like the SEC’s impact on developing crypto regulatory boundaries, Crypto Banter may very well become an obsession. The information is rich and consistent. Formatting makes it easy so that viewers know what to expect every time they visit the channel!

CryptosRUs: Keeping Everyday People Up To Speed With Crypto

CryptosRUs is a trusted YouTube channel for crypto related news and information.

In 2017 Chicago native George Tung, quit his day job as an IT manager and went into crypto and YouTube influencing full-time. Since then, the CryptosRUs founder and host has amassed over 650k subscribers and well over 120 million total channel views. Since its inception in October 2017, CryptosRUs has made a science out of sharing news and straightforward information around major digital assets, altcoins, and industry developments.

The story of CryptosRUs is important to understand the channel itself. George Tung describes himself as someone who was an interested early adopter of Bitcoin, thinking it to be a phenomenal idea and concept from the time he first learned of BTC in 2013. He reports soon investing in crypto mining machines and having LTC and BTC mining machines running 24-7 in the basement of his home until the market saw a sharp decline. Once the downtrending market set in, George says he listened to the naysayers, shut everything down, and sold off many of his digital assets.

After reigniting his passion for Bitcoin and crypto, Tung got back in with full conviction and by 2017 he decided to start a channel dedicated to sharing truthful, current information in order to help others avoid his same mistakes made earlier.

CryptosRUs is like an ongoing crypto blog, only a vlog really, offering crypto news, information and trading opinions. We believe CryptosRUs is a transparent and genuine crypto news and information channel that most can gain valuable information and insight by following and subscribing to!

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Wrapping It All Up

There are droves and droves of truly dynamic crypto influencers with valuable content that can be found on the YouTube platform and beyond. The purpose of this article was to take the top five that we feel are offering high quality content that can help new and experienced crypto traders and market participants.

Give the channels a glance and hopefully the information shared can be a guide to help you get the most out of your crypto journey!

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