What Makes a Good Crypto Copywriter?

Published/Last edited on June 9, 2022 by Liam Quinlan-Stamp
What makes a good crypto copywriter

Executing an effective crypto content marketing strategy is a highly efficient way to build trust and authority within the cryptocurrency market and expose blockchain projects or businesses to target audiences.

How to determine if a crypto copywriter is a right fit to your project

Finding a talented, high-quality crypto copywriter, however, can be difficult. A reliable, quality copywriter that is able to deliver effective crypto content should possess a strong understanding of digital asset markets, blockchain technology, and copywriting best practices. 

The widespread popularity of the blockchain sector has created a copywriting market flooded with low-quality writers that, in many cases, are not capable of composing content or marketing copy that aligns with marketing campaign goals.

A quality cryptocurrency copywriter should possess the ability to interpret the tech stack and key value proposition of your blockchain or crypto project, identify key value propositions, and shape the story of your brand or crypto enterprise into a compelling, engaging narrative. 

Determining how to find the best crypto copywriter, however, can be a time-consuming process. Here’s what to look for when hiring a crypto copywriter.

What Does a Crypto Copywriter Do?

A crypto copywriter, like any other kind of copywriter, provides businesses and brands with content and written collateral designed to engage, inform, and catalyze action in target audiences. 

A crypto copywriter typically works in unison with marketing teams, developers, and other key stakeholders to develop copy designed to increase conversion rates, such as landing page copy, in-app copy, or calls to action.

Other types of collateral typically composed by crypto copywriters include analysis of crypto markets or protocols designed to inform audiences and build authority, press releases, or other forms of quality content such as blog posts, FAQs, weekly newsletter content, or email marketing campaigns. 

There are many other forms of written collateral that a crypto copywriter may assist with — some crypto copywriters, for example, specialize in composing compelling social media posts in order to enhance engagement. Other crypto copywriters may provide ghostwritten thought leadership content designed to enhance the authority and web presence of key team members.

What to Look For in a Good Crypto Copywriter

It’s critical to ensure that you work with a copywriter that possesses a robust understanding of blockchain technology and crypto markets. Crypto content production demands extensive experience in decentralized ledger architecture.

It’s important to engage the services of a professional crypto writer that is able to rapidly and autonomously understand the key principles of your crypto project. It’s also critical to ensure that the crypto copywriter you hire is able to complete and deliver work within deadlines.

When hiring a crypto copywriter, check for the following key competencies:

Blockchain & Crypto Experience

Blockchain and cryptocurrency market expertise is an essential factor to consider when hiring a professional cryptocurrency copywriter. Whether you’re launching a new blockchain project or integrating blockchain technology into an existing project, it’s critical that the writer you work with understand the fundamental technical concepts that drive your enterprise.

At a minimum, a crypto copywriter should understand the principles behind blockchain networks, the differences between different consensus mechanisms, and should be able to clearly explain basic blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts in a concise, accessible manner. 

It’s also important to ensure that the writer you work with is up to date with current cryptocurrency industry news and movements — good crypto writers will leverage breaking cryptocurrency and blockchain news or updates to efficiently promote your project or platform.

Strong Writing Proficiency

Writing skill is the most important element to consider when assessing a potential crypto copywriter. While it’s important that a crypto copywriter possesses a deep understanding of crypto concepts, technical knowledge is irrelevant if a writer is unable to compose effective copy that converts. 

If you’re seeking to engage the services of a crypto copywriter to create blog posts, social media posts, or landing page copy, you’ll need to look for a crypto writer that is able to break down the key concepts and value proposition of your project and present them in a manner that engages your target audience.

Effective cryptocurrency copywriting delivers value to an audience while influencing action — work with a writer that is able to capture the attention of your target audience or user base through compelling copy and collateral.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Industry Knowledge

In addition to technical blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge, an effective crypto copywriter should possess a deep understanding of how cryptocurrency marketing campaigns are executed. 

Ideally, the best crypto copywriter candidate will bring to your blockchain project experience in composing and distributing press releases and blog content, as well as soft skills that streamline interactions between key stakeholders — such as developers and technical team members — in order to effectively communicate the features and benefits of your business or crypto brand. 

Marketing & SEO Competence

Both long-form and short-form copywriting are critical elements of any effective marketing and SEO strategy. It’s important to make sure that the copywriter you work with is able to compose content that integrates specific keywords in order to assist with SEO strategies or, in best-case scenarios, perform and integrate keyword research autonomously.

A cryptocurrency copywriter that understands SEO best practices will minimize administrative friction within your marketing team, accelerating the production and distribution of written collateral and minimizing overall marketing costs. 

Reliable and effective crypto copywriters should understand that copywriting is an important element of the marketing process and should produce content and copy that works to support and enhance existing marketing strategies.

How Can a Crypto Copywriter Help Your Crypto Project?

There are many points throughout the growth and scaling process of a blockchain or crypto enterprise that a copywriter may assist with. 

Early-stage blockchain and crypto startups typically operate with clearly defined goals and roadmaps but may lack sufficient written collateral to develop a web presence. If you’re currently in the process of building a website for a new cryptocurrency project or platform, for example, you’ll need a copywriter to help shape and define your project in words.

A blockchain or crypto project or platform that has already launched, alternatively, may seek to engage the services of a professional crypto copywriter to increase conversions or exposure by refining existing content or creating new blog posts, social media posts, or long-form crypto content. 

Overall, a crypto copywriter helps to clarify the key messages and benefits of a cryptocurrency project, informing audiences in order to promote higher levels of community interaction, increase conversions, or build brand authority and trust.

Where to Find the Best Copywriters

With so many copywriters working within the blockchain and crypto industry, it can be extremely difficult to identify, screen, interview, and hire the right writer for your business. It’s generally far more cost-effective to work with a professional crypto marketing agency that offers copywriting services.

Coinpresso is a highly professional crypto marketing agency operated by cryptocurrency industry specialists, offering a broad spectrum of blockchain and crypto marketing services that include SEO, blockchain development, and content marketing — including crypto copywriting.
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