What’s It Like To Work At A Crypto Marketing Firm?

Published/Last edited on August 2, 2023 by Liam Quinlan-Stamp
Coinpresso CEO Liam Quinlan-Stamp provides insights on what it takes to be a crypto marketer.

The life of my colleagues and I have never been the same again since creating/joining Coinpresso.

It is truly one of the most rewarding, challenging, and technical collection of occupations within the job market today. I am of course, heavily biased, but let me try and justify this to you over the course of this blog post.

Strap yourself in!

The Five Key Competencies

I’ve broken our universal company JD into 5x key competencies.

  • Independence
  • Passion for Blockchain
  • Being a degen (where appropriate)
  • A subject matter expert in your area
  • Desire to be the best

In no particular order of importance, let’s go through each personality trait.

Independence Like You’ve Never Known Before

I’m not going to sit here and paint a picture of sunshine and rainbows, as this is most definitely a hard gig - but it does come with unparalleled levels of independence, and the ability to run your own desk - on your own terms.

We are huge believers in actions over time sheets. But what does that mean exactly? Well, being experienced marketers in both the web2 and web3 spaces, we have a great idea as to how long a certain deliverable will take. This benefits our colleagues in a big way.

Having a leadership team that has worked nigh-on every role within an agency in the past, allows us to ascertain with a high level of accuracy the amount of time a task takes.

Chuck timesheets and clocking-in/out software in the bin, and focus on deliverables.

Moreover, we tend to be very flexible around the home life of our colleagues. Got a doctor's appointment? Great, hope it goes well. Need to go and view a house/apartment? Awesome, hope it ends up being your forever home. Life gets in the way sometimes, and as long as our deliverables are completed according to agreed deadlines with the client, you can do the work when it suits you.

Passion For Blockchain

This one goes without saying, but it’s important to touch on anyway. Unless you see yourself working within web3 for the rest of your life, then this isn’t the job for you.

If you've bought meme coins, been rugged, and lived to tell the tale, chances are you have what it takes from a mental perspective to take on a role like this. If you haven’t delved into the depths of PancakeSwap or CoinMarketCap, then you won’t possess the level of contextual awareness that’s required to excel at a crypto marketing agency.

If however, crypto Twitter (or Crypto X?) is your home, and DeFi “threadooooors” are your daily doses of entertainment, then it sounds like you’ll fit in very well at CP.

If what I've just said is absolute hogwash to you, then I’d say you’re not quite within the ideal profile as of yet.

Being A Degen (Where Necessary)

One of the things I personally love about our company culture is the ability to speak freely and reveal your true inner degen. This definitely isn’t for everybody, and some of our internal comms could be labeled controversial at the least - I often leave my desk for the day with an aching face due to excessive smiling and laughter at some of my colleagues' outlandish statements.

Obviously, there are certain unwritten/obvious rules here. Vehement professionalism is required at ALL times when communicating with clients, however, I definitely do not mind a bit of crypto-related banter in our internal groups.

Engaging in the conversation actually shows passion within the vertical, and those that have their finger on the pulse of web3 are usually the best conversation starters. This then disseminates into your work.

A Subject Matter Expert In Your Area

This is an important one.

At CP, we want (and attract) the top tier of crypto marketers within the space. The abundance of cowboys within web3 marketing is exactly what we want to distance ourselves from, only hiring those that have clear and demonstrated experience within that sub-vertical.

Take our head of SEO and my business partner - Elena Kireeva - she has 10+ years of SEO experience and is within the top echelon of crypto SEO specialists in the space. That isn’t just my opinion, it’s backed up by experience and results.

Peter Barker, a senior crypto copywriter within our content team, is rated among the top 3% on Upwork for his deliverables, and this is reflected in the level of his content.

The numbers do not lie.

Attitude and drive are obviously important attributes, but nothing can really usurp demonstrated experience in regard to the ability to legitimately claim to be a subject matter expert within your area.

A Desire To Be The Best

This also seems a bit obvious, but not everyone has the genetic make-up to want to be the cream of the crop.

I have been lucky enough to work for some leading web2 agencies and while that experience was absolutely invaluable to me personally, it was abundantly clear to me that not everyone wants to progress or go over and above what their job role entails.

If this is you, I totally get it and wish you the best. Some folks can be at different stages in life and are happy with cruising through the minimum expectations of a role. But, this isn’t the sort of mindset we want at CP.

The other day, I received a referral from one of our content team for a warm intro sales call. Absolutely not part of their KPIs, not anything they are monitored on, but shows a clear intent to progress the company as opposed to just taking a salary and going home.

You should constantly be striving to improve and optimize your own performance and look to support your colleagues wherever possible, even when it isn’t strictly part of your own workflow.

It all comes down to one word - desire.

Think You’ve Got What It Takes?

To sum up, this job isn’t for everyone and comes with a very different working environment than most run-of-the-mill marketing agencies.

But, as is regularly expressed by our colleagues, this is a very unique, special team - and one that I am personally incredibly proud of.

If you have that innate desire to be the very best and fit the other traits I've briefly touched upon during this blog, we want to hear from you!


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