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The Ultimate Guide to Web3 Copywriting for 2024

Published/Last edited on July 8, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Web3 Copywriting for 2024

14,884. That's the number of crypto projects listed by CoinGecko as of writing. This massive figure doesn't include thousands of NFT projects, protocols, and cryptos that have yet to be launched. Needless to say, competition to get noticed is fierce. A large chunk of projects, especially those found towards the bottom of the list, rely on poor-quality written content often generated by ChatGPT and other large language models. 

To stand out in 2024, teams rely on expert crypto copywriting that earns the attention and trust of the community through clear, creative, and consistent writing. This ultimate guide to Web3 copywriting will delve into what makes crypto copywriting tick in 2024.

Web3 Copywriting and Messaging

A powerful brand is vital for projects attempting to carve out a share of the Web3 market. Simply having an exciting new DeFi idea or clever tokenomics structure isn’t enough. A solid value proposition can only reach its potential if the audience is convinced, which is why expert copywriting is a crucial pillar of crypto marketing in 2024.

Skilled copywriters can shape how a project is perceived by the community. They craft a consistent tone, style, and messaging that aligns with the project's values and goals. Through carefully chosen words, they evoke emotions, inspire trust, and create a sense of belonging among the audience.

The Chainlink (LINK) blog is an example of how to communicate complex concepts in a clear, engaging, and informative manner. Their article "The Verifiable Web: Fixing the Internet's Truth Problem" is one example of how their writers have been able to make a clear argument for Chainlink's value proposition. 

It’s one of several pieces of content on the site that directly taps into the Chainlink team’s vision for a Web3 ecosystem where the network operates as an oracle that protects privacy, manages data, and builds a ramp between the physical and digital worlds.

This message is integrated into their content, highlighting the benefits of their technology without overt promotion. This approach builds credibility and reinforces their position in the Web3 space.

Any serious project in 2024  will be able to learn from Chainlink's approach to building a strong brand voice and message. The investment into quality written content has arguably been one of the reasons Chainlink has grown into one of the most successful projects on the market over the past couple of years.

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Quality copywriting allows Web3 projects to highlight value propositions and increase authority in their market niches. Source: Chainlink

Web3 Copywriting Best Practices

Web3 copywriting demands a unique blend of technical knowledge and creative flair. To effectively communicate the value of a project and resonate with the target audience, adhering to certain crypto and NFT content writing best practices.

Here are some key principles to keep in mind:

  • Clarity: Explain complex ideas in simple, understandable terms, avoiding unnecessary technical language and acronyms. Focus on conveying the message in a way that is accessible to seasoned crypto investors and non-Web3 natives.
  • Know Your Audience: Different projects cater to diverse demographics with varying levels of technical knowledge and interests. Tailor the writing style to match the expectations and preferences of the target audience.
  • Authenticity: Web3 communities value transparency and honesty. Avoid exaggerated claims or empty promises. Focus on communicating the genuine value proposition and back it up with solid evidence.
  • Storytelling: Weave a compelling narrative around the project, highlighting its mission, vision, and impact. Use real-world examples and case studies to illustrate how the product or service solves problems or improves existing processes.

Consider the distinct approaches taken by the meme coin project PEPE and the decentralized GPU lending and renting network Render (RNDR). PEPE's website and social media channels contain playful language, internet slang, and humorous references. This casual and lighthearted tone appeals to their target audience, who are primarily interested in the fun and community aspect of the project. Their copywriting prioritizes entertainment and engagement, using memes, jokes, and pop culture references to create a sense of shared identity among holders.

On the other hand, Render's website and whitepaper adopt a more formal and technical writing style. The language is precise, informative, and focused on showcasing the platform's technical capabilities and potential applications. They use data, statistics, and detailed explanations to appeal to a more technical audience interested in the underlying technology and its potential impact.

Both projects demonstrate the importance of understanding target audiences and tailoring writing styles accordingly. By speaking the language of their respective communities, PEPE and Render have successfully communicated their value propositions and grown into multi-bilion dollar projects.

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Render’s blog is a good example of using quality crypto content writing to drive interest around a value proposition.

Different Types of Crypto Copywriting Content

Web3 copywriters are skilled in crafting various content formats to suit the unique demands of this space. They write long-form articles, crypto blog posts, and concise and impactful social media content. They understand how to create compelling landing pages that drive conversions and email campaigns that nurture leads.

Whitepapers are a critical area where expert copywriters shine. These comprehensive documents articulate a project's vision, technology, and tokenomics, serving as a crucial resource for potential investors and community members. Given their technical complexity and importance in shaping public perception, leading projects often engage specialized Web3 content marketing agencies to ensure the highest quality and accuracy.

Within Web3 copywriting, content must adapt to the distinct characteristics of each platform. X (formerly Twitter), for instance, demands brevity and impact, favoring concise threads and attention-grabbing headlines. Medium, blogs and long-form articles, on the other hand, provides a space for more in-depth analysis and thought leadership pieces.

Understanding these nuances is key to creating content that resonates with the intended audience. Web3 copywriters must be well-versed in the language and culture of the specifc web3 niche the project is targeting allowing them to tailor their approach to maximize engagement. Whether it's a tweet that sparks a viral trend or a whitepaper that attracts serious investors, the right words can make all the difference in the journey of a Web3 project.

The Future of Web3 Copywriting Beyond 2024

When ChatGPT launched every second video on YouTube had a capitalized title threatening all of us with imminent unemployment. Among the most nervous people were writers who were being bombarded with headlines and TikTok videos suggesting redundancy at the virtual hands of AI was just around the corner. Well over a year since peak ChatGPT mania, the dust has settled, and the doomsday predictions have fallen short.

This year, the market has been flooded with low-quality, AI-generated content, which has only heightened the demand for skilled human copywriters who can deliver original, engaging, and accurate messaging.

Good writers are now more valuable than ever, as they possess the creativity, critical thinking, and nuanced understanding of language that AI currently lacks. While AI can generate passable text, it often falls short in originality, accuracy, and nuance, which are essential for effective communication.

However, there's no denying that AI is transforming the Web3 industry, including copywriting. Tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, Grammarly, and dozens of browser extension apps can assist writers with research, generate outlines, and even offer creative prompts. This can streamline the writing process and boost productivity, allowing copywriters to focus on refining their delivery and accuracy.

The future of Web3 copywriting lies in adaptation and collaboration. Writers who embrace AI tools and integrate them into their workflow will be better equipped to stay ahead of the competition. Although one day in the future, AI might become the primary source of quality written content, for now, the human touch remains a critical pillar of effective Web3 and DeFi marketing.


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